Reincarnation – Fact or Fantasy?

What about past life reincarnation? Nights were never peaceful for James Leininger when he was barely 2 years old. Recurring nightmares were the order of the night. He would occasionally scream “Plane is on fire! The little man can’t get out!” To his parents, these words were a shocker, as James was a little playful boy. Gradually James revealed more about what his nightmares were really made of. This revelation gave his parents an idea of what was going on. After intensive research, they were tasked to face their doubts and reevaluate their beliefs. The final decision was shocking. To them, James Huston, a dead World War II fighter pilot was back but this time reincarnated as their son.

Do you think reincarnation NYC is real?

Today, past life recognition in children is studied globally. In the later 1960s, thousands of people with a clear recollection of their past lives were interviewed by Dr. Ian Steveson. The results was utterly shocking. As opposed to what many people think, the recollection of past lives by kids was very common. Hs research was backed by 2500 cases of children that remembered their past lives, compiled by his associate (Dr. Jim B. Tucker) in the university of Virginia medical center’s division of perpetual studies.

Some doubts about past lives

However, Brian Weiss was rather doubtful about the whole concept of past lives NYC. The fact that this could not be proved scientifically was the backbone of his arguments. With time, through experience, two factors mad him change his mind. According to him one was speedy and very emotional and the second one was slow and intelligent.

Catherine was put under hypnosis by Brain. This patient was able to him his very detailed past, including the demise of his father and newborn son. According to Weiss, Catherine could not possibly have an idea of how his family lived. No one at that time could have exposed her to all that information. This to Weiss was extremely shocking and chilling as he revealed that all Catherine said was nothing but the truth.

Some truth about past lives are revealed

For four years Weiss was not certain about writing a book based on the entire experience he had with Catherine scared of ruining her career. At a nutrition conference in Boston, a high profile researcher from the Harvard medical school bumped into her boss who was also in the same hotel attending a medical conference. The boss teasingly told her that if Harvard’s name was borrowed to a nutrition conference than she would long have left Harvard.

Today, Harvard has teaching and research in the nutrition field as its mainstream areas. And there are some faculty members in the same school of thought as Weiss have continuously expanded his work with the aid of past-life regression therapy.

With all that said, it’s up to you now to answer the question of whether reincarnation NYC is a fact or just a fantasy. Different persons are entitled to their different opinions.


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