Reincarnation and Money: 7 Examples of How the Past Affects Your Present

A lot has been said about past lives NYC but the truth stands! The theory of reincarnation is very clear that the deeds of your past life has almost everything to do with your current financial state.

Many people are conversant with the common theory of Karma; whatever thing you do will certainly come back to you later if not almost immediately. Though findings prove it is to be expected in the future life.

In most cases, thoughts lead to actions. Anti-prosperity thoughts are bound to affect your life in future.

Why are all these things happening today?

Well, this doesn’t bluntly suggest that people in who are faced by extreme poverty and hunger had a bad past. On the other hand, we are also not implying that those who are wealthy right now is as a result of a reword of a good past. The believe of a judging God that is capable of punishing one for his sins and reward others is completely ruled out.  Those that are poor today and are faced by all sorts of hardships for some reasons may have chosen this, why?

Examples of How the Past Affects Your Present

  1. It cannot be forgotten that in the 5th century, the devout monk openly confessed his ideology that being rich is a sin and that if you want to be next to God you ought to be poor. For him, this was the best way of life and for a long time he managed to pass the philosophy to several generations.
  2. In the better part of her life, she struggled so much with her competitor who was rather wealthier. This with time convinced her that evil is born from richness. She tag her belief to her death bed.

Lately she has change her lifestyle and has become honest and more focused but cannot jump over the financial huddles, all her subconscious is try to do is keep her poor there was once a belief that being rich is a bloody sin. see more here:

  1. A closer look at the chain of her past life reveals that her wealth was majorly summed up by the many responsibilities she was faced with. Which with time became a toxic burden.

To date, a hidden fear inside keeps her poor because she strongly thinks so many commitments leads to fading away of wealth.

  1. Yes she had it all. But soon her castle was raided and her entire family killed. She did not recover form that incident and later died believing that if only she could have been poor, than the rest of her family could still be alive.

It’s impossible for her to get a breakthrough today.

Although it is clear that one’s current financial standings are as a result of personal decision and fate, there is still belief that all the past negativity were carried through generations.  All these can be changed for the better through past life therapy NYC. All one needs is a shift of mindset. They say ignorance is generational and there is clearly no doubt about that.


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