Top 10 Funky, Interesting Jobs

While everyone is focused on becoming a lawyer or a doctor, there a number of off-beat, interesting jobs that you may be missing out on. Ranging from flexible schedules to unusual titles, these are some of the funkiest jobs that you can find. To land one of these positions, you need to have an excellent resume and job experience. If you need help writing your resume, there are professional companies available, but make sure to read their resume writing reviews first.

Top 10 Unusual Jobs

  1. Cartoonist

While this is certainly one of the more interesting jobs, it is not for everyone. To work as a cartoonist, you need to be good at drawing. Only a few cartoonists end up being successful, so you have to be talented to make it in this field.

2.Funeral Director

While the pay scale varies, most funeral directors earn $50,000 to $60,000 per year. Individuals in this unusual job plan the funeral. They do not actually work as a mortician or handle the body. Since few people are willing to take this job, it is not a particularly competitive industry.

3. Calligrapher

If you are good with words and have a creative mindset, you could be successful in these interesting jobs. Calligraphers often work as freelance employees. They may be hired to write invitations for a funeral, wedding or social event. Surprisingly, calligraphers are actually in demand.

Interesting Jobs 2018


  1. Undercover Detective

If you want to be the next Sherlock Holmes, this is the job for you. You can work with law enforcement agencies or work as a private detective. No matter what you do, this crime fighter job will be exciting.

5. Photographer

It seems like just about everyone wants to be a photographer, so there is a lot of competition in this industry. If you want to earn a steady wage, you need to find a position with a magazine or a company. There are also some websites where you can sell your photographs as a freelance photographer.

6. Locksmith

While this requires some training, most people can learn to be a locksmith. The average locksmith earns about $31,000 per year, but you can earn more if you open your own locksmith company.

7. Social Dance Instructor

If you love dancing, then this could be the job for you. Community centers, colleges and dance studios always need instructors to teach different types of dance. To succeed, you will need to have a few years of dancing experience.

8. Professional Gambler

This might be one of the most interesting jobs, but it is not for everyone. You have to be extremely talented and experienced to succeed as a professional gambler. Otherwise, you will find that it is true that the house always wins.9. Psychic

9. Psychic

The skill needed for this job depends on if you are a cynic. If you believe that psychics are fake, than the skill is minimal. Otherwise, you need to have some supernatural inspiration to do well in this field. Some of the most successful psychics make more than $70,000 per year, so this can be an extremely lucrative career field.

10. Industrial Consultant

If you are good at this job, you can command a high income. An industrial or organizational consultant basically helps businesses solve major problems. They arrive at the company, fix the problem and move on to the next client. With the right education and experience, it can be an extremely rewarding profession.